Many controversy in France were risen by december’s edition of Vogue Paris, the last one with Carine Roitfeld as editor.

In one of the editorials some preteen children were used, dressed and with make up like adult women. Opposers comment this choice as the legitimacy of “pedoculture”, because they don’t belive possibile to show kids dressed like sexual mature individual.

In THIS ARTICLE you can see the pictures and make your own idea. I think this has nothing to do with pedopornography or anything like that. Parents don’t stop taking pictures of their children only bacause there are some sick people that could benefit sexual pleasure while looking at those pics. The problem is the pedophiles themselves, not the images of young kids. In Italy we say “la malizia sta negli occhi di chi guarda” (malice is in the viewer’s eyes), i think this really fits this particular situation.

Sure, choosing kids (from pictures you can guess them to be around 6/8yo) for a fashion editorials on the french edition of the world’s most famous fashion magazine is a very strong and provocative choice, and it’s not a casualty, this happens to be the swan song of the leaving editor.

But i don’t think this was meant to be provocative on itself, but i belive this opens a big question, not merely about fashion, but widely about art; the question is simple and indeed very old (what is allowed and what is NOT allowed to be shown?), but there couldn’t be, and maybe never won’t, a closing answer.

But even if the question is not new, something like this was never done before, at least on such a famous media. Oppositors said the the pose of the models are wink and languid, so they can arouse sexual offenders. And again, it’s not ethic to use innocent kids to advertise a brand.

Well, using poor innocent kis to advertise something…i don’t think i really have to talk about that, everyone with a tv can judge itself.

I know that chocolatemilk or Hanna Montana’s tshirt are different from high fashion and strong makeup, but while i consider first things as real advertisment (and that not means it’s safe or healty!!!), i think that Vogue’s editorial has much more to deal with art; than, there’s also advertisment, but i think advertisment itself is an excuse to talk about something much more interesting (remember NOLITA No Anorexia’s capaign from Oliviero Toscani? Here in Italy was banned; french model, Isabelle Caro, after years of fight against her disease, died few mounths ago).

So i think this is more about how media reflect the society. And what does “she” wants? Perfect children, never cry, never mess or dirty, perfect students (parents start to wonder about the choice of the college even before their child is actually born!), obedient, self-sufficient in a world where parents both work. So, society clearly wants adult children.

Here you are. Those kids now are how we want them to be. Kids no more.



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